Sunday, December 21, 2014

Denali (Mt. McKinley) summit
June 10 - 30, 2012

I've been fortunate to travel to Alaska several times, and each time I would twist my head sideways in the airplane hoping to catch a glimpse of "The High One".  Usually it eluded me, but I clearly remember standing outside of Talkeetna and quietly deciding that I would attempt to climb Denali one day.  I also remember, about a year later casually mentioning my plans to a sourdough while watching the Iditarod.  He squinted at me beneath bushy eyebrows and said "Do you know what we call cheechakos who try to climb that mountain?"  I could feel myself shrinking backward, like I'd just stepped too far into a frozen lake.  I blinked hard and told him that I didn't.  "News!" he said.
Photo:  Steve Tambosso
Summitting Denali has always been a significant personal goal for me.  It motivates me to attempt a more technical climb and to test my fortitude in extreme circumstances.  Success on Denali also requires moving a lot of weight up and down the mountain, and I'm excited to test my physical ability and training regimen.

This site outlines my training plans, time on the mountain climbing the west buttress route, and what I learned while on the mountain.